The Dictionary app is a modern pronunciation dictionary for the English language. Every pronunciation in Dictionary is written using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Example English pronunciations: "amp", "Ealing", "Dictyonina", "Cuba libre", "poultry", "lakes", "sand", "Ycanth".

ECL Editor is an online editor for the Expression Constraint Language. It provides syntax highlighting and live querying of SNOMED CT terminologies to facilitate the authoring and testing of ECL expression constraints.

Compose speech audio from IPA phonetic transcriptions using IPA to Speech.

Test CDS Hooks using CDS Hooks Testing Tool — an online tool for simulating, testing, and debugging CDS Hooks workflows. It allows the user to provide the content for the CDS Hooks request and mock FHIR server and view the CDS Hooks service response.


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Frequently asked questions

What is xn--80aao0acw2a.xn--90ais?
xn--80aao0acw2a.xn--90ais is another way of writing марфема.бел. Both forms are equivalent.